You are 1st Baseman.

There are runners on 1st and 2nd.

There are 0 outs.

Hard-hit ground ball to Shortstop.

What is your play?

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Develop Game-IQ in Your Youth Athletes

Extend practices, training & scouting beyond the practice field... onto the smart devices you know your players love to use!

And do so with minimal demands on your time - no user list administration, no invitations - just easy, elegant creation and management of whatever content you want to teach or reinforce with your athletes, teams and entire leagues.

Customize Situations & Strategies for Your Team

As a coach, league director or private instructor, we give you a quick, easy-to-use interface for creating and sending content to the App on your players’ smartphones. Some of the best uses we're seeing for this include:

Classic "Situations"

A visual interface with animation to show what a Player should do in the thousands of defensive and base-running situations.

Clinic, Practice or Lesson Reinforcement


Post-Game Situational Reviews

Reinforce what a team did well and highlight what a team did not do well just after a game.

Pre-Game Scouting Information

Key reminders about specific, upcoming opponents

Rules of the Game

Teach and/or reinforce youth athletes' learning of various rule both age-specific (lead-offs, stealing, etc) and the more complicated rules of the game (Infield-Fly-Rule, Foul balls, etc).

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